Hombre Lobo 2: 13 True Xicanx Spooky Stories [Vol. 2, 2021]


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ISBN: 9781735869025

Welcome to Hombre Lobo numero dos! More spooky (and true) stories by Xicanx!

Hombre Lobo is a collection of real stories from people who have experienced something supernatural/paranormal/ or unknowable… Contributions include Xicanx/Latinx people from Southern California, particularly Los Angeles, with stories that take place all over the country, and in some cases in Mexico. This series is the first of Xicanx spooky stories, an homage to the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series.

Nothing is more fun than telling spooky stories at night, in the dark, over a fire. The next thing may be reading such stories. Yes, scary movies come close, but reading is where your own imagination fills in the details. The stories in “Hombre Lobo” are short, but what grabs you is what’s not written–in what lingers long after you’ve turned the page. Sweet nightmares! –Luis J. Rodriguez, author of “Always Running” and “From Our Land to Our Land”


The stories included in this Hombre Lobo collection bring comfort by frightening us. We can start with the title, which evokes the tune ?Hombre Lobo en Par?s,? a Rock en Espa?ol staple that still haunts many sorely missed fiestas yarderas in the Southland. The specters of the otherworldly appear as they always do, unexpectedly to disorient us, to make us question our sanity and our principles. Yet, what these stories also achieve is to frighten us within familiar places, and ?at times? along with a dose of dark humor. It might sound incongruitous, but in this long and treacherous 2020 being frightening by stories featuring shared Latinxs symbols is spookily soothing. -Jorge N. Leal, Ph.D., Rock Archivo de LA


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