Dryland Issue 8


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This issue features the Compton Swapmeet on the cover by ANTHNYXYZ (which has been converted into a Walmart) and includes an exclusive interview with the emerging artist. It also includes a photo essay series by Angeleno Heart documenting primarily South Central people and the buildings that made them...Essay by Nikolai Garcia on the cultural significance of the Compton Swapmeet on Chicano families and West Coast hiphop...A critical breakdown of the problematic conquistador origin of "X" that is popularly used in "Xicanx" by Dominick Ortiz...and more...

Writing By:
Dee Allen
Veronica Alvarado
Jalayna Carter
Ailed Flores
Luatani Flores
Jay Frankston
Nikolai Garcia
Vanesa Hercules
Jeffrey Higgs
Tanya Ko Hong 

Antonio Lopez
Maya Maldonado
Edgar Montoya
Oak Morse
Jane Akweley Odartey
Dominick Ortiz
Viva Padilla
Donna Liseth Quintanilla
A. Razor 

John Sanchez
Michael T. Smith

issue 8 (Pdf version)

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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card