Submission Guidelines


Are you a Xicanx? Have you ever had a supernatural experience? Share your spooky story with us for our Hombre Lobo book series coming out in February 2021.

1,500 words max. Deadline: 12/15/20

Go to the Hombre Lobo page for the submission form.

Closed to general submissions for Dryland. We will reopen January 30, 2021.
We accept poetry, prose, and art, and aim to publish the best of each genre. We look for subversive and bold voices; thought-provoking pieces that seek to illuminate a truth for the reader. We are proud to publish never before published, emerging, and established writers/poets/artists. We enjoy reading and printing both English and Spanish language pieces. We publish once a year.

Please do not submit more than once per submission period unless the editor requests to see more work. Also note that you cannot be published twice in a row (unless it’s nonfiction).​

Note: We prioritize works by Black and people of color artists, writers, and poets.

We do not accept work that sustains the traditional white literary Western canon that has continuously ignored and poised itself as an authority over the voices of the oppressed. We do not give a voice to stories from the perspectives of cisgender, heterosexual, white, upper-class males that continue this tradition. We also do not give a voice to feminist works that only consider white female perspectives.

POETRY:No more than 1-5 poems in one document (not in separate files)

FICTION: 1 short story at 3,000 words maximum​

FLASH FICTION: No more than 3-5 pieces in one document (not in separate files)​

NONFICTION: 1 piece at 3,000 words maximum​

Submission Format: Please include the following in the subject header: “Full Name” and “Submission Type.”

Including a short bio (30-50 words) is optional. Social media links accepted.​ Any of the following formats will be accepted (No ZIP files accepted):

  • Text in an email (be aware of poetry formatting)
  • Photo of a handwritten work (must be legible)
  • Microsoft Word doc
  • PDF

Where to submit:via Submittableorsend to:
Issue 11 Deadline:Open to submissions January 30, 2021Deadline: April 20, 2021 Previously Published WorkWe do not accept previously published work.
Publishing RightsAcceptance grants us non-exclusive North American Serial Rights in print and digital format. This means we do not own anyone’s work, therefore the author may republish the work elsewhere after publication.
Response TimesPlease expect a response time of 1-3 months. Feel free to check with us after the 3-month mark. We are a volunteer-based journal; your patience is appreciated.
Payment: Contributors receive a digital copy of the issue. Contributors in the Los Angeles area receive a print copy.
Simultaneous submissions accepted. Please alert us when accepted elsewhere.